camp summer 2016

Pittsfield Farm Club (not available in 2023):

Spring is an exciting time on the farm!  The animals begin to graze regularly; early greens, sugar snap peas and flowers begin to be harvested; tomatoes, cucumbers and more flowers are planted.  We invite you to a weekly club where members get involved in the busy late spring activities of a mini-farm.  We will plant, tend and harvest our own produce, observe farm animals closely and collect fresh eggs.  Watching our plants grow from week to week will be a real highlight.  The large age range encourages families to come together.  Children under 4 are welcome with attending parent.  Please dress appropriately for working in the garden.  In case of rain, we have indoor activities planned.

     Weekly club for ages 4-12

Note that this club is offered in partnership with Pittsfield Township Parks & Recreation Department.

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