Wood Chips Delivered

If you’re doing some landscaping/gardening and need wood chips, let us know.

Here are our low prices (which include delivery to your driveway or easily accessible drop point):
– Wood chips: $70 for 1 yard, $100 for 2 yards, $130 for 3 yards, or $160 for 4 yards.
 In addition, we can do some spreading for $60/hour (for team of two).

Wood chips (primarily hardwood) are perfect for large shrub beds, garden paths, and chicken runs; Wood chips are cheaper than wood mulch and the chunks are larger & thus longer lasting.

Our suppliers are WeCare Denali (Ann Arbor) and the Ypsilanti Compost Center.

If no spreading is required, we recommend that you lay out a tarp to mark your drop point.

Regarding the amount to order, keep in mind that one yard covers 108 square feet with 3 inches.

Our delivery zone is Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Saline.  We can deliver outside of our delivery zone for a reasonable transportation charge.

We offer this delivery service to help cover farm costs and expand our internship program.

If interested, please contact Dave at…

wood chips with contact info


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